vendredi 11 juillet 2008

haru/pecl wrapper

Hi !

I finished the PhD Manpage output this week ! Here are the PHP manpages. Unzip them in a folder and type 'man ./[function name].3' (for example 'man ./str_replace.3'), you'll see the corresponding man page.

The future PHP 5.3 release will be bundled with these man pages and a script which will allow you just type 'manphp str_replace'.

By the way, I've filled my Google Summer of Code midterm evaluation, I'm probably near behind schedule, that's why I began the new PhD output : PDF, the hardest one !

I use the Haru PDF library with pecl/haru to generate PDF. This library didn't support neither auto line break nor auto page break and is not very easy to use because it didn't allow to add text flows like PhD. That's why I began to wrote a wrapper which is very simple to use and which do auto line break and auto page break.

An example: here is a test of "PdfWriter", my wrapping class. You can watch the output here :

Currently, the words are cut but I'll fix that.

I plan to use the format (PDFPhDFormat) to build the PDF document with PdfWriter and the theme (phppdf or something) only to specify how to chunk the manual. It seems there will be one PDF by "book" (eg a PDF for Getting Started, another one for Installation and Configuration, etc.)

Next friday, maybe a first version of the PDF output...

See ya

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tony2001 a dit…

You're very welcome to participate in PECL/haru and libharu development if you think there is something useful missing.
Don't hesitate to share your ideas in the list, see

Rudy a dit…

Hi tony2001!

Currently, I found libharu and pecl/haru really great. I saw no buggy stuff so I like to use it (excepts the (0,0) coordinates located down left ^^).

The only stuff I missed was text annotation with clickable border (like link or uri annotations) instead of icons and maybe utf-8 support ;).

Having said that, no