vendredi 27 juin 2008

Manpage output in progess...

Hi !

Here it is, the first month of coding is over !

I planned to do all the stuff excepts PDF output and DBHTML implementation before mid-July and I think it will be Ok.

Now, I'm implementing the PhD Manpage output format, which will allow Unix-users to view the PHP functions manual with the 'man' command.

I began this format at the begining of the week and and have already visible results.

For example, "man readfile" renders currently this manpage (click to enlarge):

(click here to compare with the online manual)

As you can see it's not finish yet, it needs improvements ! Maybe next week ?


3 commentaires:

Trevor Reznik a dit…

I don't understand why people need man page when they have a great kicksass GUI like Windows Vista ... But it's a good work, i can't wait to see PDF output.

bjori a dit…

Trevor: Because most geeks drop down to commandline and type "man foo" to get more info about "foo".
Today my vim man bindings map to PHP reflection, but being able to get the actual manual page would be awesome.

Rudy: Nice work!

Rudy a dit…

Trevor Reznik is quite a funny guy (actually he uses Mac OS X but don't tell anyone :D). I think CHM is really useful (especially when you search a function name), but sometimes you just need to look for a function prototype and there, man kicks ass by its simplicity and efficiency :)

bjori: Thanks! I just found how to take screenshots on Mac OS X (Command+Shift+4, how to do easyier? ^^), I've published one.