vendredi 13 juin 2008

PEAR theme done !

The PEAR theme is almost ready !

It remains some bugs that I'll try to fix before this week end:
* the table of contents on the top of the page can mismatch (especially in the "Packages" section)
* the questions in the section "Packages"->"PEAR"->"FAQ" aren't indexed successfully on the top of the page
* there is a small rendering issue with the "<pre>" tags (program listings, ...): there is always a newline in the end. The issue comes from the auto indent functionality of PhD.

The possibilities of rendering:
* one big-HTML file
* PHP files using the templates of the PEAR website and ready to put online
* chunked HTML files
* a CHM file (Windows Help with table of content, index & search functions)

Here is an example of manual page with CHM PEAR Theme:

See you

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