samedi 7 juin 2008

Pear documentation

Here it is, the second week of coding is completed !

Unfortunately it was less efficient than last week... The next goal is to produce with PhD the Pear Documentation.

Unfortunately (again ^^), Pear Manual uses Docbook 4.3 and PhD can only process DB 5 files (and DB5 isn't backward compatible :/)... I began the week by trying to manually (with home made scripts) makes it a DB5 valid manual with reporting the major changes to do.

Then, I discover there is already an automatized way to do it ! It's a XSL transformation file located in the Docbook official website. Unfortunately (x3), it didn't work with the Peardoc which is chunked and includes many entities, because XSLT can't know the structure of a XML document which have entities inclusions...

Finally, I tried to migrate the manual from a assembled DB4.3 valid manual. It worked better, but there are still errors...

So, in this end of week, I begin to code the PhD Pear theme by using as a reference the fake DB5 Peardoc I made !

I hope I'll be better next week !

See you next friday

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