samedi 26 juillet 2008

Midterm assessment, PDF output done

Hi !

Time is come for a little summary of this project. What I had to do:
* To write new output formats: CHM, Manpages, PDF
* To write themes: PEAR HTML theme, PHP-GTK HTML theme
* To design DBHTML implementation in PhD

Currently, I'm done with CHM output, Manpage output format (and its own PHP theme) and PEAR theme for HTML format.

PDF is almost done (probably this weekend or next week). It remains two or three weeks to work on PHP-GTK theme and to begin PhD DBHTML implementation design.

As I said, PDF is almost over and renders good. My choice was to write two PHP themes: one which generates one PDF by PHP "book" and another which generates a big PDF (almost 10000 pages ^^) with all the PHP "books".

In prime exclusiveness ^_^ the big PDF version of PHP manual or zipped PDF chunks.

By the way, my mentor just release a new PhD release: PhD 0.3.0 (branch PHD_0_2, PHP 5.2 compliant).

See ya

2 commentaires:

tom a dit…

Congrats. Impressive work.

Arnaud a dit…

Congrats on the work you achieved so far what is to come.